Shift Pro Series- Truck Tent

Shift Pro Series- Truck Tent

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If you love the quick setup, minimalist design of the  Shift Series- Truck Tent but want more room for your long legs or extra gear; then the Shift Pro Series is for you. The Shift Pro allows for more room with the tailgate down on short bed trucks allowing for easier ingress/egress and more room to stretch out and position gear for the morning sunrise. This luxurious design allows for more room yet still maintains the simple space saving design of the Shift Series.



Fabric is airtight, never leave young children unattended near fabric as suffocation may result. 

Never idle vehicle without sufficient ventilation of fresh air for occupants in shelter. Carbon Monoxide can build up resulting in suffocation/death. 

Fabric is extremely flammable, never use heat sources, open flame, cooking appliances near fabric. 

Product is not intended to be attached to the vehicle during vehicular motion. Talus Mountain Gear LLC is not liable for any damage to personal property due to improper use, inclement weather, or acts of God. User understands that potential for damage to vehicle exterior (Paint, glass, trim, etc) exists and Talus Mountain Gear LLC is not liable for this damage.